• How To Schedule More Time In Your Day


    Days at the office are often filled with countless interruptions and multiple “fires” that must be put out immediately. While your day is productive (technically), you never seem to accomplish what you set out to do when you walked in the door. Nothing has been crossed off your to-do list. It only grew longer. If only you had more time in the day. What about 2 more hours? Laura Vanderkam recently wrote, in Fortune,  of five ways to reclaim 2 hours in your day.

    Telecommuting is one way to gain more work time in a day. First, and most obvious, you will eliminate the time spent in a traditional commute. Add to that the time spent getting ready, stopping for coffee, or, gas, and you can save up to 45 minutes. Working from home just two days a week could be doable for most offices, versus telecommuting everyday.

    Are you doing something that someone else can do? Are you cleaning your house? Walking your dog? Hiring a service, or a person, to take care of duties that take up your valuable time will leave you available to finish other projects. Meetings also can eat away time in your work day. If you are in an upper management position, take a few minutes each week to review future meetings and see which ones can be eliminated.

    Planning. Planning your day, changing your schedule, and managing distractions can transform wasted time to productive time. Take a look at the next day’s schedule and think, “what must be done?”. Then, take a minute to remove those tasks that can wait. If you spend the end of a long day in front of a screen, keeping you up way too late, consider turning off and turning in earlier. Use a good night’s rest to get up earlier the next morning. This simple change will give you more time to get work done when you are refreshed, not worn out.  Like college professors schedule office hours, schedule distractions. If before lunch typically turns into a social time, add that to your calendar.

    Just a few changes can give you not only more time, but time that is more productive.  

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