• Getting Ahead Of A Recession


    “How well prepared is your government ?” (for recession) asks Dan White in a recent article found on Governing.com.  While White and other economists do not think that a recession will occur this year, they do agree that the effects of an upcoming recession could be felt this and the following years.

    White lays out two ways policymakers can be prepared for an upcoming recession.  Initially, they will need to review and determine how the policies that are in place shape the underlying economic environment. Also, as every state and local government is affected differently during a recession, policymakers  should have a thorough knowledge and understanding of how their fiscal situation will be affected by a recession. The article concludes with these wise words, “ Recessions are inevitable, but large emergency budget cuts and tax increases don’t have to be. It’s never too early for prudent policymakers to protect their budgets and their economics.”  

    ALRRS helps you keep track of the policies put in place by lawmakers to keep from feeling the affects of a recession. Call us today at 334.834.0011.

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