• 5 Tips to Increase and Retain Membership In Your Association


    A robust member list is key to the success of any association. But directors and administrators may need to brainstorm, every now and again, new ways to attract and retain members.  Here are five tips that can help any association increase and retain membership.

    1. Hold a membership drive.   While this is not necessarily a “new way” to attract members, it is effective. Find potential members where they are and these days they are on social media. Do you have Twitter or Linkedin followers that aren’t members of your association? Take a look at the other followers of accounts you follow. A few minutes of “trolling”, in a good way, can help you begin to build a list of potential members and increase the success rate of your drive. 
    2. Create a Welcome Kit.   Once these new members join, reinforce their good decision. Sending a welcome kit filled with a membership card, member directory, and a few “happy's” will go a long way.
    3. Make use of an email drip campaign.   This can be used in association with your Welcome Kit. Send periodic emails, monthly or bi-monthly for example, to promote the association and its services. Talk about what’s going on in your industry, or, what legislation you are watching. Promote your events and maybe other events around your area. The point of a drip campaign is to keep in touch with your members and keep them engaged with your association.
    4. Host not-to-be-missed events.   Make your events, expos and seminars a must-attend for your members and your industry. Whether it’s the good food, great music, compelling speakers, or all of the above, create an event culture that’s worth the membership dues alone.
    5. Offer an early renewal discount.   Most association members don’t renew their membership simply because they forget to do so. Start reminding them early; after all, you are emailing them regularly with your drip campaign. Offer a 10% discount for early renewal, or, maybe a gift card to a popular coffee shop. Remind your members that they are a valuable part of your association and that renewing early will benefit you both.

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