• Welcome Your New Association Members In Style

    In our last blog post, we focused on recruiting and retaining members to your association. One tip we suggested was welcoming new members with a welcome package. Let’s “unpack” that a little.


    Do you wonder what to include in your welcome kit? Here are the basics, but don’t be afraid to get creative and search sites like Pinterest for ideas!

    • The Welcome Letter : Be warm and gracious, and most importantly, reinforce the idea that joining your association is a great decision!
    • Membership Benefits : Outline all benefits of membership to your new member. Include information on any discounts, coupons, and access to business “self-help” white papers that you may offer.
    • An Event Calendar : Either printed or a link to the online version, let them know when upcoming meetings and events will be held.
    • Free Stuff : Load them up with hats, t-shirts, mouse pads, pens, whatever you’ve got that bears your association name or logo.  Let them be a walking advertisement for your association. Don’t forget a great reusable logo’d bag is the perfect way to distribute your welcome kit!
    • A Quick Reference Card : Include a card that can be easily referenced for those FAQs. Include website, office mailing address, phone and fax numbers, dues information, any information that they may need.

    Make your new member’s feel welcome right from the start!

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