• Make Event Planning A Breeze With A Virtual Meeting

    Association and trade conferences are a great way to keep your members up to speed on the latest innovations within your industry. But, blocking hotel rooms, reserving ballroom space, engaging a dynamic speaker, and, myriad details consume your valuable time and your association’s money. While destination conferences are needed and a worthwhile endeavor, sometimes a virtual conference will suffice.

    Virtual meetings allow you to include members who otherwise might not be able to travel to a conference. Time away from the office or budget constraints could hinder attendance, but if the cost is greatly reduced and they can attend without leaving their office, it’s win-win.  Key-note speakers will be easier to book. Why? Your chosen pundit can pre-record his/her message for your to use - and reuse!

    Let’s be honest,  hosting a traditional conference is expensive. Virtual meetings aren’t free, but can be a drastically less costly alternative. Also, you won’t lose additional revenue from bookstores or sponsorships, simply move those online as well. And best of all, your pre-planning and post event resource delivery is cut to almost nothing. Your event space won’t need to be reserved over a year in advance, and, with a virtual meeting, all resources are available online forever, or, as long as you need them to be.  

    Tips taken from “5 Benefits Of Hosting A Virtual Meeting” found in AssociationLeadership magazine, May/June 2016.

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