• 4 Tips That Will Make The Most of Your Fundraising Email


    Even though we are in the high heat of summer, that last ditch effort to gain year end fundraising dollars is just around the corner. Your email program is the perfect channel to use in planning and executing your nonprofit or association’s fundraising drive. But be careful; according to a recent Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study, a little over 7% of all nonprofit emails went to spam during 2015 and during the holiday season, that number jumps to over 10%. To translate into dollars - that’s $1052 annually per percentage point of emails in the spam folder. So, how do you insure that your fundraising email is not only delivered, but seen and opened by your intended recipient? Here are four tips that will help guide you in the right direction.

    Opt-in: Instead of automatically opting in a member, have them choose to opt-in to receiving emails from you. Then, send a confirmation email to make sure they want you to communicate with them and that the email address is good.

    The Welcome Series: We’ve talked about the welcome series before, here, and it is really essential in an onboarding program. The Welcome Series also can provide you with a wealth of information about your members/subscribers. Did you know that a subscriber who opens each email in a welcome series (usually three), will continue to open as much as 69% of your emails going forward? Those are keepers!

    Clicks vs. Engagement: Counting clicks and opens can tell you a lot, but determining the amount of engagement from a subscriber can tell you even more. How can you tell if he/she is engaging with you? They do what the email call to action tells them to do.  

    Explore The Bounces: Why does an email continue to come back? Is there a typo in the email address (.con instead of .com)? Has the person left the company? If an email bounces back more than three times, delete it. Bad emails in your list increase your spamminess.

    Turn Inactive to Active: If an email address on your report has had no clicks or opens in over a year, delete them. But before you do, try to re-engage the recipient(s).  The message to your inactives needs to be different than to those who are your frequent openers. Try the ever popular, “We’ve missed you!” Oddly enough, it works. People love to feel appreciated.

    Managing your email list by sending relevant and engaging emails, and, keeping your email list current and clean of bad email addresses, will increase your deliverability and keep you out of the spam folder. Happy fundraising!

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