• Public-Private Partnerships: Coming to a road near you?


     With Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday travel season is in full swing. According to an article by  Bart Jansen at USA Today, nearly 42 million Americans took a road trip this Thanksgiving. And many more will be hitting the roads to see family for Christmas and New Year’s. If you are one of those holiday travelers this year, you can rest easy knowing your wallet won’t be taken to task at the gas pumps this year. The national average is expected to dip under $2 per gallon by Christmas, according to AAA, and prices have been well below that in most of Alabama. These are the lowest prices in years and are certainly a welcomed gift this holiday season. However, these lower prices may translate to issues for states looking to make improvements in their aging infrastructure.

    That is the focus of an article by Justine Brown at e.Republic. The article, “States more than ready to begin investing in infrastructure, but they need your help”, sheds a light on the problems many states are facing with funding infrastructure projects with dwindling gas tax revenues, but also gives an alternative solution. The author points to “public-private partnerships” as a way for states solve their infrastructure, and other needs. These partnerships allow a state agency and private business to share in the financing and management needs of a public-use project. Give the article a read here and let us know what you think.

    As you think about the potential for more public-private partnerships in Alabama, consider the legislative framework needed to allow for them. ALRRS is the premier legislative monitoring, tracking, and reporting service in the state. Our online reporting portal provides an easy and intuitive bill tracking system with mobile and desktop convenience. Give us a call today to learn more. (334) 834-0011

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