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    ALRRS is constantly innovating to keep the latest technologies at our clients’ fingertips. Mobile-friendly sites, mobile apps, and the all important secure storage, allow us to give you the fastest and easiest way to track legislation that is important to you. Emerging technology and web site trends are quickly becoming the focus of government entities of all sizes.



    A new program offered through the US Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service and the EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities gives rural and small communities the chance to be “Cool and Connected”.  The purpose of the program is to encourage rural and small communities to take advantage of current or planned increase of broadband services to revitalize main street’s walkability and a community’s economic viability. For more information and eligibility requirements, click here.

    The new program falls in step with city, county, and state governments, nationwide, amping up their own websites and connectedness to their residents. Recently, Government Technology magazine published the results from the 2015 Best of the Web competition, in an article by Justine Brown, showcasing city, county, and state governments that are getting it right in the digital world. The winning sites are user-friendly, have simple yet engaging graphics and are less text-driven, and, “search” is prominently featured. The city of Independence , MO, for example, collected $38 million through online transactions last year and had 229,000 unique visitors to the the city’s website. Their website was a 1st place winner in the city category. Arkansas took the state category with an increase in e-gov transactions up 13% from the previous year and almost 100,000 monthly unique visitors to their clean and easy to navigate site.

    Looking ahead to technology focused trends, cyber-security, mobility, and, single sign-on top the list. State, county and city governments are increasing IT budgets enabling these departments to increase staff and define a viable cyber-security plan. As residents more and more move away from their desktops and rely on mobile devices, the necessity of vibrant, user-friendly mobile apps is unavoidable. Single sign-on allows site users to sign on once and have access to multiple secure locations throughout a website.

    ALRRS has streamlined the process of tracking legislation, like budget funding, that is critical to your implementation of increased IT products and services for your community. Through the in-house resource of our knowledgeable staff, ALRRS combines personal service and technology to better and more timely exceed our clients’ business needs.

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