• Medicaid Expansion and State Health Spending

    Typically, state's largest expenditure after Education is Medicaid. Medicaid Expansion, put in place by the Affordable Care Act, kept participating states from absorbing large amounts of the increased enrollment cost during this first year of implementation.  Governing.com's recent article titled, "State and Local Spending Flat in First Year of Medicaid Expansion" outlines the small percentage increase state and local governments saw in health care spending versus national total spending. Read the full article here. 


    States that naturally have a higher percentage of medicaid qualifying residents are seeking ways to alleviate the medicaid budget burden without medicaid expansion. Alabama just received approval from the Federal Government to begin the creation of regional care centers in hopes of centralizing health care for the poor and disabled in the state, and ultimately, "not to have a single person on Medicaid", according to Governor Robert Bentley. Read Governing.com's full article on Alabama's medicaid changes here. 

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