• Attracting Millennials To The Public Sector


    By the year 2025, 75% of the world’s workforce will  be made up of millennials. This generation prefers work that is fulfilling over higher compensations, thusly leading them to non-profits or consulting firms. The government sector needs to determine how it will compete for, and retain, this immense workforce.  


     A recent article on governing.com outlined five ways government offices can make government service a viable option for the millennial generation.  First, government entities need to make the application process easier, and decrease lag time in the decision making process.  Next, paid summer internship programs will introduce a college student to the benefits of working for a city or state government and, ideally, bring them back after graduation. Thirdly, government offices should increase positive public relations, in other words, make working for the city or state seem more attractive than thought previously. And lastly,  you must ensure government leaders speak positively about their employees, and, create incentives for a good performance in the workplace.

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