• Build A Better Event


    Let’s say you desperately need to redo your association’s yearly conference. Or maybe your board has recommended you add an additional event this year. In either case, you could be starting from the ground up. This is the perfect time to consider "the why” your attendees attend and a great place to start would be career stage. Are your attendees new in the field or a seasoned professional? Each group will certainly benefit from the other, but their event expectations can be vastly different. A quick member survey, think free online services like SurveyMonkey, will aid in your event planning, and, start your wheels turning.

    If you are starting from scratch, use it to your advantage. Do something your members have never seen before! Take a cue from the recent conference for the Association for Creative Industries. This group offered attendees fun and different options to spice up their 75+ year-old trade show. Here are some of their fun ideas:

    • Art Studio where attendees could sip and paint, as well as connect.
    • Innovation center that allowed hands-on discovery of new technologies.
    • Edible Art Shoppe for design your own cookies.
    • Maker Space for actual test runs of equipment or products.
    • Plugged-in Park for relaxing and gathering with old and new friends.

    You can create your own specialty stations that correspond with your industry. Just think outside the box!

    A great tip from ASAE is this, when starting a new event or revamping an old one, have a test run! Host a pilot of your event. Ask your select attendees for critiques and feedback. Use this valuable information to tweak the “big event” and streamline where needed. That way, when the doors open, everything will run like clock work.

    Happy planning!

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