• Conflict Among Board Members Can Be A Good Thing


    As your association grows by membership or geographic area your board of directors will inevitably change. Board members will become more diverse whether from different backgrounds or different locales. Diversity can lead to conflict during a board meeting especially if there is an immediate, association-wide concern on the table. In a board member’s  “day job”, he or she may be more accustomed to overcoming obstacles, solving problems, over several days or even weeks though multiple meetings and emails. But an association board does not have that luxury, because, a board may meet once a month with a packed agenda. Always cognizant of your board members’ time, finding ways to turn conflict into a positive decision making process will benefit your association.

    The website Association Now recently posted an article discussing three ways to turn conflict, in an increasingly diverse board atmosphere, into a positive experience. They are:

    1. Create better solutions through conflicting ideas.
    2. Know you’re attracted to similarity.
    3. Pay attention to the types of conflict.

    To read the complete article, click here.

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