• Don't Wait To Re-engage



    There’s an old saying that goes, “Twenty percent of the people do eighty percent of the work”. That statistic, as it were, rings true in most associations and organizations. As a leader, you attempt to utilize that 20% as effectively as you can without contributing to burnout. What do you do when one of your key volunteers, or members, suddenly stops volunteering? Stops liking your association’s social media posts? Breezes in and out of meetings, or doesn’t attend at all? What should you do if a truly engaged member suddenly becomes disengaged?

    An easy path to re-engagement is simply talking to this member. Find out why they aren’t as involved as they used to be. Is it a time issue, or, are they spending their resources elsewhere? Asking questions will help you to determine what will be the next best step to take.

    One step could be giving them an option of viewing a live stream of a meeting if they can’t make it to the meeting location. Or, offer smaller volunteering opportunities that take up less time; dropping off bottled water instead of manning the refreshment table. You also can match them up with a ‘mentor’ who can keep in touch with them and invite them to events.

    Key is knowing your members and responding quickly to a decrease in engagement. If it takes you six months to realize a key member has stopped coming to meetings, then you’ve probably lost them for good.

    We referenced this blog post from MemberClicks when writing this entry.


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