• Growing Membership Part II

    A Valuable Website Is

    Invaluable To Your Members

    Our world is open 24/7. That is not news, but sometimes you may need a reminder. As your member's work hours change, re: flex-time,  your availability needs to change. You might prefer the traditional 8-, or, 9 - 5 day but many in today’s work force, especially millennials, work outside the traditional eight hour day time frame. Your association’s office staff can’t be in the office all the time to assist your members. But your website can.

    An association must have a website that holds all the information that its’ members need to access. If the website does not have the information a member, or potential member, is looking for (and it’s not during regular office hours), then you could lose a potential member, or, annoy a current one. Your office staff must be vigilant in keeping the association’s website up to date with current information concerning meeting dates, fees, and continuing education opportunities. Allow for members to renew their membership, pay dues, or register for events on your website. Make sure that your website can relay information clearly and that it is easy to navigate, the fewer times a visitor has to “click” the better. Your association’s website is crucial to membership growth and is often a potential member’s first contact with your association.   

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