• Growing Membership Part III



    To close our three part series on growing membership, we will focus on a few ways to - wait for it - grow membership. In part I, we talked about hosting events that will draw the fast-growing millennial demographic. Part II stressed the importance of an uber-informative and easy to navigate website. Here are three more tips for recruiting new members.

    1. Members talking to their friends - We all tell our friends to try a great new restaurant, or, we let them know when we’ve found a great deal. Happy members talk about why they are so happy. They share great association experiences with friends and encourage them to join. Make sure your association is share-worthy.
    2. Have an active social media life - Speaking of “sharing”...social media accounts are made for this! But don’t just rely on your members giving you a thumbs up or smiley face. Take control of your social media accounts. All of them. If you have several accounts, as most associations, businesses, and people do these days, be sure to pay attention to all of your accounts. Be active; don’t just have an account because you think you “need to be there”. Social media is the perfect way to craft your association’s own message, and, personality, if you will. Frequent posting of relevant and enlightening information boosts your credibility (and increases your followers/members too!).
    3. Reach out to businesses in your industry - Companies in your industry, as any company, want their employees to be involved in their specific industry. Drop off bagels and coffee one morning along with some brochures and stick around for a question and answer session. Or not. This is one area that you will, more than likely, have almost unlimited access to potential members. Especially if the boss is in your association.

    There are many, many ways to recruit new members. But the easiest and sometimes the most overlooked way to sign up a new member is...ASK!

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