• In A Special Legislative Session, Anything Can Happen


    A state governor periodically will call a special legislative session to clear up any unfinished business from that year’s regular session. In Alabama, in 2016, the Governor called a special session and proposed the creation of a lottery to correct budget shortfalls and fund several statewide programs like Medicaid and Education. There has been talk that some Alabama legislators will reintroduce other issues, such as the BP settlement, during this special session. In a special legislative session, anything can happen. So the question is - why would an association, municipality, law firm or lobbying group enlist  the service of a legislative reading and research company? And the answer - to ensure that there are no surprises come session adjournment.

    Monitoring debates and committee agendas, and, reviewing bill status data is essential to effectively track any legislation that is important to you or your clients. Compiling these reports can be particularly time consuming. Using the services of a legislative research company will make life around a special legislative session much simpler.    

    Alabama Legislative Reading and Research Service offers complete legislative monitoring, tracking and reporting on each bill introduced in a special session. Legislation is trackable by bill, topic, or, keyword with our proprietary software. Your reports are tailored to your specifications by our expert staff. You also may create individualized reports, available through the my.ALRRS and the app. Let ALRRS simplify your legislative life this Special Session.  

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