• Introducing...The Bill Status Platform

    Take a peak at our Bill Status platform 

     We re-tooled our online service and made it better. From either your desktop or mobile device, you can access all the information you will need to track legislation during an Alabama legislative session. 

    You can create your own tracking reports, save them, and, email them to yourself, your coworkers, or, your clients. We've added email alerts to let you know when the legislation you are monitoring has a status change; and the platform dashboard has a live feed to all bill changes.

    The ability to sync the all important Committee Calendar with your own is a great new feature. To find out if there's been a room, or, time change, now you simply check your own calendar.  

    The Bill Status platform is easy to use. You can handle all reporting and tracking yourself with our DIY plan. If you want to work some on your own, but also want us to assist with keyword tracking, the Professional Plan is a great fit. Our Executive Plan lets us take care of everything for you. 

    So spend just a minute and 45 seconds, watch the video, and see how we can simplify your legislative life.  

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