• Invest In Learning



    The importance of higher education is changing; the value of a higher education degree, such as a Bachelor's degree, is coming into question. Today’s workforce, especially millennials, is now starting to look toward other avenues of education to gain the knowledge needed to fill a resume. Industry specific certification programs, digital badging, and competency-based education are meeting the demand. Associations naturally become the source of continuing education, or continued learning, as people progress through a career.

    To foster a culture of education and continued learning within an association, executive directors and boards should invest in traditional and nontraditional education options.

    • Invest in subject matter experts and train them to be teachers. More and more, members will look to them for training.
    • Invest in educational talent within your association so that you are not relying on outsourced educational materials.
    • Invest in creating, or increasing, a sales culture within your staff. Association education programs are, in most cases, expected to be revenue centers.

    Most importantly, make it easy for members to find educational tools, documents, videos or discussions. Keeping a focus on continued learning will increase membership value within your association.

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