• Making Strategic Choices



    Strengthening the leadership team is always a priority within any organization. Your association is no different.

    You set goals. You define roles so that all the players know for what each is responsible.  You encourage creativity to spark the flow of ideas. The team collaborates at an offsite meeting to create a strategic plan, knowing that this strategic plan is not static. A strategic plan is not just something on paper, it’s your association’s strategy to ensure success.

    Meredith Low, blog writer for the Canadian Society of Association Executives, says, “If we think of strategy not as the strategic plan document, but as the act of making choices to enable success, that lends itself better to the notion of strategy as requiring skills.”

    Strategic choices probably already are being made within your association leadership. Keep decision making a priority so that you can make a decision and move on. Keep the conversation going and test your decisions, gather new information, and, make changes as necessary. Each time you participate in a meeting, such as a membership committee meeting, determine the true outcome of the meeting and evaluate it. Was something of value produced for your members? Do they/did they use it?

    Focus on the key capabilities you want to grow and watch your association flourish.  

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