• Quick Design Updates Can Boost Website Traffic


    Do you know the great thing about websites? They are living and fluid. In other words, not static (unless that’s a design feature). Your website can change daily, if you want it to. (SEO loves fresh content on websites, by the way.) You may get focused on changing copy and pictures, things the intern can do quickly, but don’t forget that the entire design of your website should also be changing. Changing to reflect the needs of your association members or industry.  

    We aren’t talking complete redesign all the time, just freshening up a bit. The graphic above gives the fine points of the repetitious act of brainstorming an idea, designing, and analyzing the results in a website that is constantly in the “upgrade” phase. That shouldn’t be scary. Just like any part of your association’s daily business practices, the website should grow and move with you. A simple text color change on the events page could make notices more noticeable, maybe connect with Facebook events, too. Creating a link on the home page to a signup form or FAQ is more user friendly than making someone hunt and peck for what they need. Evaluate your website not as the “owner” but as the visitor. As you scroll through, look for shortcuts - less is more - and think about revisions that are more straightforward.  Just be careful and don’t overhaul the site so much and so often that you alienate returning visitors. Remember, your website may have more traffic than your office!

    Here are a couple of articles that also give some insight into iterative design. We used the infographic from this one, and also recommend this article from 2015.

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