• Social Media Through the Generational Span : How to Involve Each Segment



    As you look around your office or association membership these days, you will probably see at least three generations represented. One may be sitting in a nicely appointed office, a few in cubicle land with kids artwork tacked up everywhere, and, one or two wearing earbuds, working from laptops on a comfy sofa.

    Just as each generation prefers a different working environment, each generation will approach social media in a different way.  

    Your Millennial coworkers will, of course, be the social media leaders of your office. To them, it's second nature. Use this to everyone else’s advantage.

    Millennials are a wealth of knowledge and seem to have an innate sense of social media savvy. They also are extremely comfortable with communicating exclusively through social media, not so much email, and will be able to relay your brand or association message quickly through these channels.

    The Baby Boomers on the other hand, prefer face-to-face meetings and may wrestle with the question, “what’s the point?” of social media. Here’s where the two almost polar opposites, except in shear numbers of these generational groups, can help each other.

    Encourage Millennials in your office to reverse mentor the Baby Boomers. In a face-to-face meeting, appealing to the Boomers, have a Millennial coworker or member lead a discussion concerning the how’s and why’s of social media. Baby Boomer associates will see the value of social media as the go-to place to find white papers, and, discover and post links to traditional publications.

    Sandwiched in between these two generations is the Gen Xers. No longer considered “slackers”, this group values productivity and simple, to the point, communication.

    As news feeds overflow with posts, pictures, and shared content, it is getting more difficult for associations to push out their message. Quality over quantity will prevail in social media. Your Gen X member or coworker will gladly and efficiently craft a post consisting of super-simple, usable, shareable content, as they are ever conscious of oversharing.

    Social media and office dynamics easily can be brought together through adopting the strengths of each generation represented within your staff or membership. We used these articles when creating this post; “A YP-friendly Social Strategy”, and, “How to Engage Different Generations At Your Association”.

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