• The Association Evangelist: Do You Have One?

    The concept brand evangelism, or word-of-mouth marketing, has been around for many, many years. A brand evangelist will tell anyone and everyone about a particular brand that has literally changed their life. And as they pontificate with such enthusiasm - you listen.  

    Do you have a member who is an evangelist for your association?  Ask yourself the following questions to find out.

    1. Is there a member who communicates with us regularly via all channels? (email, social, phone, face-to-face)
    2. Does this member always give others a multitude of reasons why someone should join our association?
    3. Does this member offer praise and highlight “opportunities” without prompting?
    4. Do they forgive our missteps and mistakes?
    5. Are they always there for every event or meeting?

    If yes, then you may skip the following paragraph because you have yourself an association evangelist!

    If the answer is “no”, then you may be wondering “how in the world do I get one of those”? It may be easier than you think. Make it simple for members to get in contact with the association office folks and director. “Gatekeepers” are to keep out pesky sales calls, not members. Return calls, answer emails, reply to comments to your social posts - easy. People talk about what’s important to them, so make your association important to your members. Give them something to talk about and share; beneficial continuing education classes that are accessible online, downloadable whitepapers, discounts on software. Odds are, what you would consider a valuable asset, your members would too. Bottom line, the more often you engage your members and the more relevant you make membership, the brand evangelists will come.

    There is no magic formula to influence your members conversations with the outside world, but, engaging your membership, offering advantageous perks and entertaining events are a step in the right direction.    

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